Oak Lane Edge

Overcoming business challenges, resolving complex situations and addressing suitable growth prospects requires more than just capital, it requires an experienced and proven partner.

  • Strategic venture capital


    We have significant experience investing over several economic cycles and maintaining longstanding relationships with key industry participants. Engaging highly capable operators is core to our strategy. These foundations help us make informed decisions.

  • Flexible investment structures


    The flexibility of our investment approach and the broad skillset of our investment professionals allow us to participate in investments through a variety of different strategies. Rather than trying to fit an investment opportunity into a specific template, we look to apply our venture, credit and private equity expertise to develop approaches best suited to particular dynamics and circumstances.

  • Targeted, in-depth engagement


    We embrace the hard work to guide businesses through all stages, including pre-revenue, ramp-up, global expansion and even difficult business challenges. We apply our considerable experience in these situations to assist our companies. We believe that our resources and active engagement create better businesses and drive better outcomes.

  • Expansive commercial network


    With decades of experience leading large companies and advising smaller innovative enterprises, OLV’s partners and advisors have built strong and vast business, commercial, political and social networks that they actively access to help each portfolio company advance its strategic objectives.